Foundwear explores wild nature, preserves its beauty and enhances it through low-impact sustainable craftsmanship. Handmade jewelry that accentuates the elegance of the wearer, evoking a raw connection to the earth they can carry with them.

Nature Inspired

For the last 25 years, I’ve been creating wearable art that connects people to the natural world. My handmade Jewelry is designed to invoke curiosity about the ancient beauty of the earth and the modern desire for balance and symmetry.

Handmade Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry is an original design and handmade in Washington State by artist - designer Scott MacDonald. Many of the stones are found in the Northwest and the metals are sourced from a supplier that has a trusted recycling program.

  • Materials

    I personally source the materials used in my handmade jewelry and work to ensure a sustainable, ethical supply chain. I’m a rockhound and I hand-gather much of the jade, agate, quartz and basalt in my artwork while exploring the Pacific Northwest. I have a deep respect and sense of connection to the places I gather.

  • Process

    My creativity is fed by place and every design is infused with wild nature. I rely on my surroundings to inspire my art and, often, to provide the material for my designs. I regularly take my camera to wander the woods, rivers and mountains, finding endless inspiration from the creatures and landscapes.

    Sculpting is my first artistic passion and I channel it through my work as a stone carver, lapidary artist and metal worker.

  • Sustainability

    My design philosophy is closely related to my ethical commitment to jewelry making: preserve natural beauty with minimal impact and maximum creative expression.