Scott MacDonald

I approach my jewelry as wearable sculpture. Each piece tells a story inspired by Nature. The Klickitat River Valley is a strong influence in my work. On my morninag hike I might see a family of River otter playing on the bank or a Great Blue Heron patiently fishing from a rock. The basalt cliffs dripping with ground water, painted with mosses and sprouting wild flowers from the cracks remind me that Life adapts and persists. Wild Nature is the well spring that I drink from to fuel my art. I also feel a responsibility to share the beauty of Nature in hopes that our love and appreciation for these wild things and places will motivate us to protect them.


    I'm a rock hound. One of my favorite activities is to hike around and look for beautiful and interesting stones. In the west there's a lot of quartz, jasper, basalt and even jade. After 20 years I decided to expand my earthy palette. So now in addition to finding my own stones I buy chunks from other rockhounds. I like the hard stuff, quartz and jade are hard stones, they will last thousands of years.


    My creativity is fed by place and every design is infused with wild nature. I rely on my surroundings to inspire my art and, often, to provide the material for my designs. I regularly take my camera to wander the woods, rivers and mountains, finding endless inspiration from the creatures and landscapes.


    The Klickitat River Valley